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Saturday, 2 May 2009


My routine has been seriously interrupted. I usually play, send and read Emails whilst watching TV every evening when I am at home. But, tonight I am off air and I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms. OK so I am in deepest France the TV programmes leave much to be desired so to keep my brain ticking over, at least somewhat, I play on my laptop.

There are many dinner parties going on in deepest France too. I am putting this down to the quality of TV programmes and loss of internet facility so we are substituting these pursuits with real live people with real lives.

Well the BBC is having trouble with the airwaves as well and one of their live programmes was replaced by a pre-recorded one. It was about food and cooking, so that could be good, perhaps I can get some ideas for the next dinner party. Yes you’ve guessed it we are relying more and more on external stimuli. We are able to take in and assimilate more and more messages, which when there are no messages to be received we either go ape looking for an alternative or else enjoy the peace and succomb, empty our minds of nagging details and relax for a change.

Well TV is just screening a programme on the consequences of global warming which will take all my concentration to follow and understand so perhaps all is not lost after all and I can be single minded on occasion. Lap top closed down for a bit.

I remember, a long time ago, those who looked into how our life styles might develop in the future and “interactive” TV was often mentioned. How could this be ? How could we influence what was happening on the screen in front of us, surely it would still be all pre-recorded, if it was live how would the stations cope with everyone pushing their ideas and opinions at the same time ? Well we can now do this on our laptops. Not quite as predicted all those years ago, but with internet we can control what we see, we are not sitting passively in front of a pre-programmed set of pictures. We can change them, we can shop, we can communicate and we can receive any information we wish by clicking buttons on a small machine on our laps. I like this progress and lively life style.

Now where did I put my specs ?

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