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Sunday, 18 May 2014


Hello Everyone who has ever read my blogs from ages ago. After an absence of some years I wish to pick up the "blog reins" again and continue my observations of living in Paris and completely changing from my previous lifestyle in Dublin, Ireland. These posts will be much shorter and hopefully more frequent. I continue with my new career of giving Pilates classes to private clients and groups, which has enabled me to intigrate with all sorts of people as well as giving me the opportunity to use and re-learn my French. I am forever grateful to have been able to enter a totally new phase in my life of new career, new language and still, for me, a new country. Recently I have also started a Personal Shopping Service for Vintage Clothes Shopping and I hope to report on this from time to time. Life is good !!


Valerie Sutter said...

Hello Swan, Ravie d'apprendre que tu es de retour...j'attends avec impatience tes observations sur la vie francaise en general et la vie parisienne en particulier. Valerie

Anonymous said...

Dearest Anne,

Lovely to be included in those who can delight in your blog and I do love the name.....Swan. Very appropriate for one so delightfully elegant in every way.