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Tuesday, 26 August 2014


This entry was to be called PARIS WHEN IT SIZZLES but oh dear this must be the worst "fin de l'ete" since living in France.  What did we do to deserve this sudden downturn in the weather ?  Yes Paris and the rest of France did sizzle now and then but just when we were getting used to it, down came the rain.  I don't want to continue with a weather report so shall move onto more cheerful topics.

How about these beauties.............................

 Three Lamborghini's in a row outside the Hotel George V in Avenue George V, Paris

 One Porche - Do you think it belonged to the parking attendant ?
 There was quite a buzz of people like me who couldn't believe their eyes at the splender of it all.  It quite made up for an otherwise miserable day. 
I'll go out tomorrow and see if the Autumn Fashions have hit the streets yet.  Actually I am sure they have even though it's not even the end of August.  OK, OK, I shall stop hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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