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Tuesday, 16 December 2014




The pictures in this post are taken where in live in Paris and where the Christmas Lights have been switched on just this week.  The mood is festive and bustling and I had a hard time dodging the cars.
I am posting photos of just a few observations taken on my nocturnal walk and wish that my pics would show the full extent of the sparkles.  Maybe Papa Noel will bring me a new camera !?


Here are some of the things that drew my attention

Shop Window in rue St. Dominique
This little sugar plum looks like she's dreaming of her Nutcracker Prince in her Christmas Party dress.  Perhaps she is a future Sugar Plum Fairy with the Paris Opera.
What I love about French children is their knowledge of who they are.  They are aware that they are children and they know that polite children do not command total attention.  Instead, they remain poised next to "maman" and wait to be spoken to by a grown-up.  I marvel at their little bodies, slim without being skinny.  It must be the good food and lack of snacks.  You never see a child walking down the street eating a bar nor do their jaws move unattractively in order to chew gum.  Perhaps that's why "French Children don't Throw Food" Whew that was almost a preach !!

The Restaurants look Warm and Cozy whether they be in the ..........

                    Modern style...........




...........or the more traditional

And as for the flowers

The flower shops are blooming with both 
...........the real 
                                                     .........or the fake
France, or Paris at least, has embraced Christmas as a time to be jolly, friendly and festive like their Anglophone neighbours.  

Good times are being had by all.

A Trendy cafe on the rue Cler

But the most Sparkling of all Lights remains, for me, the symbol of Paris which is non other than the Eiffel Tower

Bon Noel tout le monde and bonne fin de l'annee

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