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Sunday, 8 February 2015


It's a beautiful girl
What a special time we are having as after the tension of the last ten days baby was eventually born.   We live in France and baby with lives in England.  We are all quite mature,in age that is, although very young at heart.  At one time I never thought it would happen. I never thought we would arrive at the honourable status of being grandparents and now we have, we feel very Grand indeed and she is only on day two.  
 The scary , yet wonderful thing about babies is the way they can completely take over your life, you wouldn’t dare go against all the courses that my son and his darling wife have attended, they know everything and I admire their dedicated study.  However, they will probably find out that baby knows best.  I remember too when my babies were born that a new level of perfectionism entered my aspirations and life, everything had to be absolutely correct.  Baby is oblivious and I envied the way that babies could just let go and relax like a rag doll into dreamless sleep no matter where they were. 

Super Study
They seem to have real personalities even before birth.  Baby really put her parents through the hoops she just grew and grew.    We held a lottery to guess the baby's weight.  However, tests said she would be a normal sized baby but was luxuriating in the extra space big bump provided.

Sweet Dreams Baby

   Eventually she staged her debut as a real live baby on 6th February at 6.16am weighing 3.4K and 54cm long.  

Welcome to the world and let the adventures begin. 



Some say they arrive by balloon
Some may believe they arrive in the post on Dad's bicycle




all pictures by courtesy of the internet


Fay said...

Enjoy this wonderful time again
And she wont be keeping you awake at night
You havelots of happy times to share in the future have agreat weekend xxx

Fay said...

Enjoy this happy time together
And no sleepmess nights this time!
Im sure you will have a great weekend enjoy xxx

Swan .nowlivinginfrance said...

Thanks Fay - Always good to hear your encouraging comments. I look forward to seeing you in Paris.