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Saturday, 25 July 2015


I have been spending a wonderful Summer this year and together with the weather in the high temperatures, it feels stable and endless.  The month of May started with an unusual invitation.

Imagine coming all the way over from Australia to France in order to celebrate a significant birthday !!  Yes - a good friend of mine came over from Sydney, Australia and rented a lovely country house for a month and invited all her friends to join her. For the love of France and for celebrating serious birthdays, there is no point in shying away from the facts, so why not celebrate and have fun for a whole month ?!  

She certainly didn’t have to ask me twice to come and join the party, I was ready to go almost immediately. She gave us plenty of time to organise ourselves in advance and as I already live in France, it was a very easy decision.

 We entered the very attractive "town house" aptly named "Au Coin des Amies" and after the "whoooo's and ahhhh's and the sorting out of our bedrooms,  we came back downstairs and into the charming sitting room.

There, the celebrations began with our first "apero".  Gracious hostess, Joanne, poured us each a glass of chilled Rosé before we all went to the only hotel for dinner. The food was very fresh and in the style of the local cuisine.  Delicious !!

Jan and I found Vicki Archer's beautiful book French Essence which is also the name of her blog

There was lavender

We lived the life of Provencal Princesses, which is the title Joanne gave us, and delighted in what this very attractive part of France has to offer.

There were the Ochre quarries

There were markets

There were stone villages

Celebrations also took place in the candlelit Cave which served us well for, hopefully, tuneful singing

Most of all there was Joanne whose dream of "A month in Provence" had come true 

Congratulations Joanne and for many birthdays to come !!


Fay Hart said...

Glad you had a great time -Anne it's a beautiful region isn't it
Strangely I'd just done a post which I hadn't done for ages ,all my old chums have moved onto Pinterest and Instagram now so I've become involved daily with those it's good fun and growing
We've had hot hot hot and 2 days of hot rIn and cold night but it's coming back thank goodness enjoy your summer too fay x

Fay Hart said...

Glad you had a super time ,it's a fabulous part of France isn't it and super food too
You look as if it was a great reunion

Here has been also hot but also just had alternate days of wet n windy
But happily the sun is returning

I just did a post but rarely now as I've become a daily Pinterest person !

All my old blog chums have moved onto Pinterest and Instagram and I must say I'm enjoying both of them
Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer ,will be off to the south very soon
Enjoy Ann

Christina @ Hair Romance said...

What a fabulous way to celebrate a birthday! So wonderful you could all get together and what beautiful memories you've made x