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Thursday, 2 July 2015


Now that we are in the Summer months we can see the renewal of nature which is also be found in jewellery, fashion, theatrical  presentations and museum collections and it is happening now in full swing.  

During the dark winter months all kinds of creativity has been going on and artists of all mediums have worked their magic under the cover of the winter months and the creations of their work and imagination is on display for us to see and enjoy.

Today, whilst sitting in a cafe between my Pilates classes I happened upon a notice inviting people to view a collection of jewellery in the private apartment of the artisan jeweller Stephan Somogyi.  The notice was also offering............ 

Champagne !  - tick
There is a reduction of 20% % - tick
 It was taking place very near to where I live ! - tick 
I was free to go at the appointed time ! - tick

What’s to lose?

I shall go to see and what’s on offer.  

Far from being a struggling artisan Stephan Somogyi has been in the business of designing jewellery for  Swarosvski for over 50 years and has travelled the world, especially Asia.  

The evening went something like this.  I arrived at an elegant apartment where the clientele were beautifully dressed and were obviously faithful clients of Monsieur le creature for a long time.  
I wished I had given a little more thought to my attire.  

However, the people were warm and welcoming and I made my way to the principal collection displayed on the grand piano which was draped with a beautiful cloth and where the pieces of jewellery had been placed.  These were designed to represent a large group of sparkling bugs, butterflies and other small insects and animals which were artfully perched on an assortment of vegetables !  

Such a witty and original idea and it immediately reminded me of the spirit of Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvadore Dali in their hey day of haute couture.  I had only just finished reading the recently written biography of Elsa Schiaparelli and still had the images in my mind.  

I mentioned this to the jeweller who replied that he might have been influenced by the couturier but he was now being copied by the house of Christian Dior.  
Such is the world of art, fashion and life.  

In case you missed the exhibition sale this time around there is another one happening now.   

Details below :-   Dates - 1st - 10th July

What completed that particular evening for me was that whilst sipping the welcome champagne and nibbling delicious canapés, the dramatic opening chords of a piano concerto by Rachmaninoff came from behind the display of glittering bugs. 

So pleasing was the whole setting that I came away with three little pieces of “bug” jewellery in dark red on black.  Only someone from Hungary, such as Monsier Somogi, can capture this colour duo so effectively and I am so glad to now own a few pieces and the memories of a wonderful evening.  

Yes Paris is full of surprises !!


Josephine Chicatanyage said...

Love the brightly coloured butterflies. Very beautiful. said...

Thank you Josephine. I love to receive comments from other bloggers. Swan