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Tuesday, 17 November 2015


This evening 17th November,  2015 the sky is a grey/purple in colour behind the Eiffel Tower which stands out in its "steely grey" relief.  It makes a surrealistic picture, sombre, sad. 

I thought I was far enough away at the Ecole Militaire end of the Champs de Mars (the park that surrounds the Eiffel Tower) but a soldier with a sub-machine gun "shooed" me away.  I went, no need to be asked twice and I relayed the message to a young couple, perhaps they were tourists, who were about to enter the park.  They subsequently asked me where was the nearest metro station, they were indeed tourists their notions of a romantic holiday altered.

The atmosphere is heavy, people look at each other with expressions of, what could be described as "we are in this together" or suspicion and vigilance as recommended.
I want my old Paris back, but meanwhile I shall continue my daily life as though nothing has changed.
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Margaretjubilato said...

Diana and I are crying for Paris, for our friends in Paris and, indeed, for a world that fears the face of a stranger. The mournful Eiffel Tower is an apt expression of the sadness of this time. Sending love and strength to you, Anne.

Frédérique Gerbaud said...

Hi Anne, you are right, "la vie continue". Lots of love, Frédérique

robin sim said...

Dear Anne:

My thoughts are with all Parisians during this difficult time. I concur with your comments-- Paris is a city of great joy and inspiration, and it will continue as it has in the past.

Kind regards,