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Wednesday, 17 September 2014


We have been having wonderful summer weather in September in lieu of August ? Oh well we can't have it all. all of the time. So I am holding out for a while before checking out the autumn fashions in the shop windows.  We are all getting back into summer wear and instead of having to remember to bring something to keep out the chills I can go out without packing a small suitcase.

In the picture above you will notice that the attachment of locks have started building up.

 It started on the Le Pont Des Arts and has broken out like a rash.   This practise has now become viral on many of the bridges of Paris.  Bridges have become the place where not only lovers declare their undying love by writing their names on locks and fixing them onto the bridge then throwing away the key, but also “friends forever”, parents and children, maybe even dogs and cats are compelled! to do the same! These locks ! what to do ! The bridges are overloaded by the weight and one section of the Pont des Arts had to have its side rail repaired. 

Photo of Le Bon Marche
  Loving the return to warm days and balmy evenings and sipping an apero(S) outside a cafe with friends and when it gets too hot drop into a beautiful shop to cool off.

Market days are always a pleasure and worth climbing all those steps.

Nice to be back in white jeans again !

  I just love the market. There is always something unusual to see and it's not always French !!

  Then back over the bridge. The lock and key collection is building up !! 

Hmmmmm carrots for dinner !!
 I count myself fortunate in having such a route to and from the market, which is a very good one, and I can look at the fabulous bridges for which Paris is famous.

The beauty of the bridges of Paris is best by looking up river and at the golden Pegasus horses of Pont Alexandre III when bathed in the strong light of the summer sun is spectacular. The nymphs and muses of this most extravagant bridge in Paris connects the Place des Invalides and the Champs Elysees and the area of the Eiffel Tower.

 A more detailed view

Another bridge of note, in recent history, is the Pont Alma being made even more famous due to the sad fact that Princess Diana met her untimely death in a high speed car crash below the quay de Pont Alma between the bridges of Alma and d'Iena "Diana!". Close to the bridge there is an exact replica of the Statue of Liberty torch flame "Candle in the Wind!". The candle sculpture has been adopted by Parisiennes and tourists alike as a memorial to the Princess and August 21st marked the 20th anniversary of her death.  Many floral tributes and messages of condolences and praise were placed around the golden fllame. Even throughout the year there are often gatherings of people who take the time to give a few moments to contemplate her sad demise.


Anonymous said...

Great pics! Always enjoy reading these

Amelangeetmoi said...

Looking tres chic mon amie
Looking forward to seeing you in Paris very soon and checking out the Vintage tours
A bientot
Enjoy the Autumn co,ours
Fay xxx

Anonymous said...

OoooohlLala Anne

eclair said...

Oh please, please, give us another post!! I am craving an update!!

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Merci - for your enthusiastic comments. I hope you will become a member by clicking the button. Bizzz,