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Sunday, 11 January 2015


JANUARY started all crisp and cold and with the sun shining at its sparkling best.  The frost during the night gave plants the look of precious jewellery in the morning.  The fashion houses of Yves St. Laurent, Christian Dior, Coco Chanel et al might be inspired to look at such arrangements for their fine jewellery collections.

In this hard frost trees took on a magnificent and ethereal splendour


CHRISTMAS, however, is another story.  Having indulged in all the delicious traditions of food and good cheer during the Festivities and celebrations and having the family all together from different parts of the world, some of us are feeling, literally, the food excesses around the waist line and the "abdominals" feel somewhat slack. 

Some people head straight for the gym and onto the elliptical machines and various presses, hm....not for me.  If you too feel the same way how about trying Pilates, the mind/body method of "Bien-Etre" and a better silhouette  ?!

These cute pictures show that the conditions are quite private and those who take up this wonderful form of exercise, I mean this, become stronger, more supple and.............


.......their posture improves.  Clothes look so much better being draped around your newly-found or newly restored elegance.

"shall we dance?"  

Now we have started the New Year 2015 with a feast for the eyes and will shortly remove the feast from the waistline

All is well with the world, or so we thought until January 7th in Paris……….

In spite of the atrocities on two days last week and the threats for January we will have -


Photographs courtesy of dear friends Sylvaine and Fay.  Thank you.


Amelangeetmoi.blogspot said...

Love the sparkly leaves Anne I think we may be due a spot of snow here soon!its moving down the country
Hope that your abdominals are happy again ,I can't imagine that they changed at all !
Here's to some peace in 2015 asap
A bientot
Fay xxx

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your new blog. Very funny indeed were the poses of the bears!
Heleen C